Why team work, works!

Hey Friends:

We recently printed some garments with the tagline “No One Finishes Alone” this statement runs deep within our community and no where do we see it displayed better than in team and partner WODS

Do you struggle with team workouts? Well you are not alone but just like everything that we struggle to achieve with CrossFit there are huge benefits. 

I used to belong to a gym where the majority of the athletes were at an elite or intermediate level. In my early days as a CrossFitter when team workouts were announced I would cringe. I was always the slowest or least skilled member and felt like I was slowing everyone down. Even though I often felt intimidated or frustrated I kept coming and have become a much more confident person by being pushed out of my comfort zone again and again. 

I now love working out with athletes of differing fitness levels as I can train differently. If I am faster or stronger than my partner it means I might get more rest meaning I need to work faster and harder to earn that recovery. If I am slower, less skilled or lower strength level than my partner I am often pushed to do something that may challenge me more or go into my working set under more fatigue which is such a great stimulus for my growth.  

I challenge you to try a Saturday class if you never have before. You will meet members of our community you have never seen before and get the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and grow both physically, emotionally and mentally. 

If you want to meet and chat about struggles you have in this area feel free to set up a goal setting appointment here so we can help you through it.

Hope to team up with you soon!

Coach Tracey