Thank you for the support!

Dear Friends: 

I think we have the most supportive community I have ever been a part of. To see the support that CFLT members have rallied together for Team TaranisLifeTree is both humbling and overwhelming. 

I have been involved in many close knit communities in my life but never have I seen so many independent forms of support sprout up so organically for a common cause as I have in the past few weeks. I know many of you have participated in more than one of these ventures and truly this makes my heart burst with love and gratitude for you all. I am reluctant to list them as I am sure that if I do I will miss someone important but you all know who you are. 

Not all forms of support have been financial as I watch our members speak words of life and encouragement to Caleb and Caileigh, make inspiring comments on their social media posts and best of all given hugs to refresh their spirits. 

We are so looking forward to watching the team in Brazil and truly hope you can all make the viewing night on March 7th. Let’s get together and celebrate all their and all  your hard work that has gotten them there!

The law of sowing and reaping is one that I believe wholeheartedly in. I am so excited to see the abundance that you will experience in your lives as a reward for your great generosity!

Love and Blessings,