Why you need to sign up for the CrossFit Open!

In 2013 while I was still doing my Foundations program my coach Caleb Woiwod said “Mom you should sign up for the CrossFit Open”. I did not know what a snatch was, had maybe gotten 1 double under and was mighty far from getting a toes to bar. I signed up because Caleb believed in me and thought I should and that was good enough for me. I have to admit I was afraid I would get hurt or even worse that I would make a fool out of myself but neither of those things happened. It simply was one of the most exciting and fun things I had ever done in my life! 

The workouts were hard but the support and encouragement from the coaches and the community got me through. I was in the 45-49 yr old category and in 2013 there were no scaled workouts so it was RX or nothing. There was such a high I felt after each workout I couldn’t wait for the next one to be released at 5pm the following Thursday. 

This year will be my 9th CrossFit Open and I can honestly say I know it will be the best one yet as I say that every year and it is true. 

Here are 5 reasons I am glad I have not missed a year and why I think you should sign up too. 

  1. You will discover that you are capable of so much more than you ever realized and this pushes you to new levels of fitness after the competition is over. 
  2. You will uncover mental strength that will carry over into every area of your life and see your confidence to try and accomplish hard things in life increase exponentially.
  3. You will have your heart expand as you see others push past their barriers and accomplish their version of impossible. 
  4. You will have evidence of your progression over your years in CrossFit among those individuals within your age category. 
  5. You will also discover your weaknesses, physically, mentally and emotionally and have an opportunity to face them and address them both during and after the Open is over. 

The 2021 Open workouts will now have 2 scaled versions and 1 RX version allowing EVERYONE to participate safely at a level that their fitness will allow.  The Open workouts will be programmed for both Friday and Saturday to allow for as many people as possible to take part so if you come one of those days you will be doing the workouts. 

Visit here for a detailed explanation of how the CrossFit Open works but take my word for it and listen to your coach and just sign up…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

All the best,

Coach Tracey