Setting Your Workout Intention

What approach are you taking towards your daily workout? We all want to leave the gym feeling like we crushed our workout but what markers are you using to actually determine this?

In order to determine if we were successful, we need to set an intention (or small goals) for each workout. 

How to set intentions?

As coaches, we often help you set workout intentions based on the specific intent of the workout. We tell you if the workout is meant to be done in a certain time frame or how many rounds you should aim for. If you should choose a weight that you could go unbroken or maybe a heavy weight where singles are appropriate. If it is a sprint style workout or a longer endurance workout with the goal of just to stay moving. 

There are also other ways we can set an individualized intention for the workout. These can be based on our strengths/weaknesses, areas we want to improve or how our body is feeling. Here are some examples:

  • I am going to take my time to set up properly for each snatch rep as I know I have a habit of my hips being too high
  • I am going to focus on my breathing during my rowing as I usually hold my breath
  • I am going to go unbroken on the KB swings as I know they are a good movement for me.
  • I am going to use the 14lb medball when I usually use the 12lb even though I know I will be slower or have to do smaller sets
  • I am going to keep all rest breaks less than 15 seconds

It is common to determine our workout success by only two factors:

  • What variation of the workout did I do? (Rx or scaled)
  • Did I achieve the fastest time or heaviest weight? (or beat whoever I wanted to beat)

This process for setting your own individual workout intentions or small goals will set you up for success! It will highlight areas of strengths within your abilities, it can motivate you during the workout and keep you focused on the task at hand! It will help to reshape your perspective, especially when it is easy to get distracted by Rxing workouts or others results. 

Moving forward I challenge you to reframe how you approach your workouts and really think about what you want to achieve!

Coach Caileigh