Can You CrossFit Everyday?

Is it okay for me to do CrossFit everyday? This is a question I get asked a lot by our members and the answer is yes but here are some parameters around the answer. Because our programming is constantly varied you are safe to train daily as you likely will be moving differently from one day to the next. The intensity level of our workouts also varies as does the time domain so our body gets tested and challenged in so many aspects of our fitness. That being said our bodies are not machines and respond to the daily stimulus of CrossFit based on many factors such as stress, adequate rest and or sleep, nutrition and environmental factors.

A good example is when you don’t get the right amount of sleep and you show up to the 5:30 am class feeling gassed before you are finished the warm-up. In a situation like this coming to the workout will likely boost your energy level for the day but you may need to scale back the weight, reps or range of motion to stay safe in the workout. Another example may be that you’ve had a weekend of feasting and your body feels sluggish and heavy so perhaps scaling the intensity by picking a manageable pace instead of hitting the gates running will help you make it through.

Moving everyday is good and one of the best ways to move is to do CrossFit. If you are consistent the program works, so a minimum of 3-4 x per week is best and more is better.

See you in a class soon!

Coach Tracey