How to Help Your Immune System

We want you to stay healthy, especially right now! You may have noticed we have been more thorough about making sure only healthy folks are partaking in our classes. So how do you stay healthy to ensure you can keep coming to the gym? Well exercise is a great way to stay healthy, but we have some other methods that can help as well!

Let’s start by aiding our immune systems. We’ve got some easy tips for you to follow! First, let me preface this by saying I am not a doctor and I do not have a professional license to prescribe medication or supplements. However, these are methods that I know work for most people and are fairly harmless ways of improving your immune system’s efficiency. Always consult your doctor before taking new supplements!


Sleep is free, so it’s a good place to start! Try to get anywhere from 7-9 hours of QUALITY sleep per night. It’s easier said than done, but most of us have bad habits late at night that can detract from the amount of sleep we get. Try winding down 30 minutes earlier than you normally do and avoid screens in the bedroom to keep you from falling asleep. A well-rested body is a healthier body!


Another freebie! Water doesn’t cost you anything, as long as you aren’t buying a new bottle every time you take a sip. Hydrating appropriately and trying to intake 3-4 litres throughout the day will help your immune system out significantly.


This one can be a freebie but you can also buy vitamin D at your local health store and most groceries stores. Vitamin D can be absorbed through the skin from direct sunlight. However, throughout the Fall/Winter, it’s not easy to get your daily intake through sunlight alone. Having a healthy level of vitamin D has been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing the flu. Therefore, supplementing with a liquid form of vitamin D will definitely help keep your immune system in tip-top shape.



Zinc isn’t produced by our body naturally, so we need to get it from the foods we eat or as a supplement. Researchers in Spain have found that people who have lower levels of zinc in their blood fared worse from COVID-19 than those who had adequate levels. Make sure to only take the recommended daily amount as too much zinc for prolonged periods of time can cause toxicity.



Vitamin C is readily available in many of the foods we consume. However, I still take vitamin C daily as a supplement as well just to make sure I’ve hit my daily intake. Vitamin C is known to help the body fight off infection.

There are very few side effects from taking too much vitamin C. As long as you don’t go way overboard you should be fine. Chewable tablets are cheap and easy to find in your local health or grocery stores.


If you are able to employ these 5 easy tips, your immune system will be so much stronger at fighting off potential illnesses or diseases. We want you to stay healthy so you can keep coming to LifeTree on a regular basis!

Coach Caleb