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There are certain movements that can come up in workouts where you think “I wish I had [insert skill here]!” 

Are you stuck doing double or triple the amount of single skips when the workout calls for double unders? Or banded pull-ups/jumping pull-ups? Do your toes-to-bar look like you are just flailing around?

Your double unders will not magically appear. Neither will the strength for pull ups, the technique for toes-to-bar, or the completion of muscle ups. You need a plan!

It is very rare for an athlete to walk into the gym and pick up a skill right away. Yes there are a few anomalies, but that’s very rare compared to the majority of our crossfitting population. For most of us we struggle and it takes time!

Skills rarely develop in a WOD – Higher skill movements like double unders, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, toes to bar rarely just magically start to happen during a workout. You need to dedicate specific time to develop these skills.

In our class workouts we incorporate skills days for this purpose but it may be rare for the specific skill you want to work on to come up on a regular basis or on the days you attend.

Make a plan! Here are some options for you to develop/dial in your skills:

  1. Take advantage of any extra time in class even if it’s just a few minutes and work on a specific skill, especially if it requires some gym equipment. Aim to work on the same skill a few times a week. Consistent practice is key!
  2. Personal Training/Skill sessions – Book a session with a coach here to set some goals and work on progressions of a skill. Instant feedback and a coach’s eye is so valuable!