Is your goal a what or a why?

Hey Friends:

If you are like most people you made some plans for 2020. Whether you call them resolutions or goals the result for most people  is that these things do not come to pass. I am not trying to be a negative Nelly here but I am basing my prediction on the trend I have seen in my 12+ years coaching fitness. Most people when setting goals focus on the “what” without attaching the “why”.


“What” goals are stated like this:

  • I want to lose 20 pounds
  • I want to make X amount of money
  • I want to do double unders


These goals are not bad or wrong but without a “why” they very likely will not come to pass. The “why” of our goals is what will keep us motivated past the achievement of those goals.


“Why” goals are stated like this:

  • When I lose 20 lb I will be able to run up the stairs and not get winded and will fit into those skinny jeans that I love. I will feel youthful, healthy and strong. 
  • When I am making X amount of money per year I will be able to take my family on a vacation to Hawaii and purchase a safer vehicle for them. I will feel joy in the fact that I am taking care of my family and keeping them safe. 
  • When I can do double unders I will no longer have to do triple the amount of singles when they come up in workouts. My improved coordination and cardio vascular endurance will help prevent injuries and long term health issues. 

At CrossFit LifeTree one of the services that we offer ALL our members is a goal setting session every 90 days. If you are not achieving the results you want in your training or just want to share your goals so we can help you unpack your why then please book a goal setting session here so we can meet and chat. 


Coach Tracey