Hi Friends:

Well we are 4 days into 2020 and it is time to set the course for how we want to navigate this year full of potential and opportunity ahead of us. I am not a big believer in New Years resolutions but am a big believer in setting goals.
I have a couple of exercise to share with you that might be very insightful.
  1. Write out what your perfect day would look like. Don’t spare any details, include what you would have to eat, where you would go, who you would spend time with, what you would feel like in your skin. After you do this you can go into the next exercise.
  2. Establish goals in the following 6 F’s that would help you to work towards the perfect day you wrote about in the Perfect Day exercise
    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Finance
    4. Freedom
    5. Future
    6. Fitness
I love this framework as it helps me define the different areas of my life that I want to see change and also shows me how closely each interact. Hope you find them useful in setting the stage for the awesome things to come in 2020.
PS:  If you decide to do these exercises (which I highly recommend you do) and would like to share it ….I would love to read it so please feel free to send it my way to tracey@crossfitlifetree.com