A few weeks back Coach Caleb talked about 3 EASY Ways to Stay Motivated to Train. Today I want to dig a little deeper into the first point he mentioned, reviewing your short and long term goals frequently in order to keep the why at the forefront of your mind. 

Your why is vital to staying focused and motivated, especially when things get tough. Reality is there are days we feel great when training and days when we feel like we’re dragging. There are days were the greatest challenge is to get moving and get that workout done. Now there is an added challenge of working out from home. Your why is the fuel you need to keep training, no matter how you feel. 

I believe you don’t just need a why, you need a strong why. The kind of why when you think about it, ignites something in you to get moving and keep going. I have heard it said you need a why that makes you cry! Or at least evokes a stirring in your heart that you can emotionally connect to. Find that, and you will tap into a deep desire within yourself that you will fight for. 

How do you find this kind of powerful why? By digging a little deeper. Let’s look at an example. Say your goal is to lose 15 pounds. It’s a nice goal, but why do you want to lose 15 pounds? Because I will fit into my skinny jeans. Ok great, why do you want to do that? Because when I wear them I would feel proud of myself, and confident. Why? Because I really want to be the kind of person who accomplishes great things. 

It can help when trying to find your why to visualize what life will look like when you achieve your goal, noticing how you feel when you do. That feeling may be the key to revealing your heart’s desire. Once you find that why, write it down and review it often and let it fuel you to keep getting after it!

Coach Amy