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Livin’ the Dream

As I was growing up I always wanted to surf. My cousin was a surfer and I thought it seemed like the coolest thing in the world to do. I would by surfing shirts, I had surfing stickers on my flute case and even had a surfer on my 13th birthday cake. The only thing I did not have is an experience surfing. I always wanted to do it but to be honest I had no idea where or how to start. 

When I was 39 years old we took our teenage kids to Long Beach for the day. We all had a blast  playing in the water and we could not wait to get back. When we got home we booked surfing lessons.The day of the lessons we woke up in the morning and the weather was cold, grey and raining. It crossed my mind to pass and just let the kids go but once we got to the beach, got our wetsuits on we forgot all about the weather and became super heroes. After an hour in the water we were hooked and once the lessons were over we stayed in the water till sundown. When we came home we got outfitted with our own gear and have made surfing a part of every trip whether locally or abroad since. Surfing makes me fully feel alive,and the crazy thing is that I almost passed it by! 

I have a friend who was training for an Ironman a few years ago but had to stop due to an accident where he sustained serious injuries. He was told by medical professionals that doing an Ironman would be virtually impossible. Early into his recovery he started CrossFit and year by year he has gotten stronger. During his time in self-isolation he started running and biking again and now has his sights set on an upcoming Ironman. His resurrected dream has brought new life and motivation into every area of his life. 

I am telling you these stories because I feel like you might have had dreams or pursuits that you have put aside. Perhaps you feel you are too busy or you feel guilty about putting your needs before your family, job or other responsibilities. Maybe you feel like you are not physically able to do the things that you wish you could and this can be your “Why” that Coach Amy wrote about on Saturday. Pursuing a passion for the pure purpose of fun and play awakens the soul and will carry through to all other areas of your life too.  

Dig deep in this season and find out what makes you feel alive and do that thing often. You will be a better human when you are living out your passion. 

You are worth it!

Coach Tracey