Get Started!

It’s not advisable to preach on a subject if you yourself do not always walk the walk, but here I go anyway. Just because your doctor is a heavy smoker doesn’t make him wrong when he warns you to quit. So let me talk about procrastination, I know all about it!

To accomplish anything in life, its a good idea to  have a plan. If, however, your plan requires that you wait for the circumstances in your life to be perfect, chances are you will not even get started. Often, it is just fear disguised as caution that keeps you from moving forward. Ironically,  fear of failure ensures failure. Fear makes you find reasons why now is not the perfect time to get started and it never is.

 It has been said that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, so you might as well move forward with whatever hand you are holding. This requires faith that doors that you can’t even see yet will open for you as you approach them. The opposite of faith is fear. Fear is believing those doors will be locked every time. 

As a procrastinator myself, I could always see all the reasons why something would not work and I could back it up with evidence. Whether it was planning a vacation, buying a house or starting out in business, there were always reasons to wait.

My wife Tracey on the other hand just believes that things will always work out. Regardless of obstacles, she is ready to get going. If something is missing, it can be picked up along the way. She is a dreamer. Invariably, she is vindicated as things do work out and usually better than expected. 

Find the dreamers, they will help you find the doors, help you to hear the starting gun.

If you want to get somewhere, don’t wait. Providence seems to favour people who put one foot in front of the other. 

You are doing so well my friends,

Coach Mark