Taking Inventory

With the province’s plan to start to lift some of the current limitations around social distancing it is a good time to take inventory of how we want our lives to look once things return to somewhat normal again. 

As said by Plato “Necessity is the Mother of invention” and in this season we have had to re-invent so many aspects of our lives. While we have lost so much freedom, leaving us feeling uncomfortable and frustrated at times, perhaps there are things we have discovered that will help us for the rest of our lives. 

Likewise I am sure there are many aspects of doing life in self – isolation that we will be glad to wash our hands of (no pun intended). Doing a personal inventory of what you want to discard and what you want to keep will allow you to move on with a sense of accomplishment and clarity. 

Some of the things in my personal inventory that I want to keep around are as follows:

  1. Better sleep hygiene and getting the rest that helps to optimize my health. 
  2. Setting specific work hours and spending time in the evenings outside enjoying my garden or a local beach. 
  3. Capturing more free time in my day by less shopping and running unnecessary errands.  
  4. I made a list of things that I used to do that I really enjoyed and projects that I wanted to complete but allowed work to get in the way of me doing. Weekly I write a bucket list of some of these items. 

Hope you are able to find a few serendipities from the past few months of your life too and we would love to hear what they are. 

All the best, 

Coach Tracey