Patience is Key

By now, most of you who have planned to return to group classes have had a chance to get to one and reacquaint yourselves with the physical space that is CrossFit LifeTree. It feels good to be back in that room and have it full of life and energy again. It didn’t feel the same when it was empty. It lacked it’s soul; the community.

We’ve been out of the game for a bit, and that needs to be recognized. Where we were 3 months ago is different from where we are now. Our callouses aren’t as tough as they once were. Our barbell skills may seem sloppy or weak. Our power output on the assault bike may be lower than we expected. And that’s okay. Again, we’ve been out of the game for a bit, and that’s what happens.

However, our bodies have been there before and getting back to that place is easier the second time than the first. Our muscles remember the movements, it just takes some time to recalibrate. Our energy systems remember how to be powerful, they just need time to recharge. Our hands will be tough again soon, they just need to feel the steel for a couple weeks.

Be patient with your body. Don’t rush back to old weights you once lifted with ease. Let’s be cautious and optimistic about our return. Use the first few weeks as a re-entry into the world of fitness and avoid diving back in head first with a blindfold on! While many of you were diligent about keeping on top of your fitness, there are some movements and implements that you haven’t had the opportunity to use for a number of months and it will be apparent.

Be patient and your body will thank you in the long term! “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

Coach Caleb