Let Go and Grow

We all had things we were forced to let go of during our time in quarantine. I had to release my expectations for things that we had planned for the Spring and Summer at CFLT and it left me feeling so defeated. 

I had invested so much time and energy planning specialty courses, parties, youth programs, kids Summer camps and so much more, that were never going to happen. After our shut down I spent many anguished days lamenting the wasted work that I had put in. I am kind of embarrassed that I actually felt sorry for myself. 


Then I remembered a story I had read a long time ago. 


“There was a man who spent years building his dream house. He planned out each room with special features that he knew would bless his family. He sought out the most amazing materials so that the house would withstand the elements of nature. He found the most exquisite flooring, wall coverings and trimmings so that it would be unique and unlike any other. Then the night before he was to move in a freak and unexpected hurricane hit his town. In less than 24 hours his dream home and gift for his family was nothing more than a shell and foundation. This man had every reason to wallow in self pity but instead he took a higher road. He saw this as an opportunity to rebuild using the lessons and experience he’d gained designing his first home. While most of his neighbours could not face the task of rebuilding he began immediately and constructed a home that far outshone the one that was washed away.”

Our response to what we have lost in the past can fuel what we can attain in the future. Many of us feel like we have been hit by hurricane COVID19 and in the process were forced to re-tool our plans for the future, projects, hopes, dreams and even our goals for our fitness. 

I encourage you over the coming weeks to look at the accomplishments or plans that were swept away by COVID19. Ask yourself the following  question:  Do I want to rebuild those things and if so what can I do better the second time around? 

I am really enjoying this process and no longer look back with regret, but instead with gratitude, for the opportunities it has given me to learn from my experiences and begin to build a better “house”. 

All the best,

Coach Tracey