Health and Safety at CFLT

Opening our doors tomorrow is something we have been hoping and dreaming about since we closed 70 days earlier. We have been working very hard to put together a plan to keep you as safe as possible while improving your health and fitness. Safety and cleanliness has always been a huge priority for us at CFLT but obviously during this season we have ramped everything up to the next level.  

Here is what you can expect from the minute you walk through the doors to the minute you leave. 

  1. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to lining up to enter the gym.
  2. You will line up outside the main doors of the gym 2 meters apart. 
  3. 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class we will open the doors to the gym. 
  4. You will take all your personal belongings to one of the marked out areas in the gym and remain there until the class begins. 
  5. We ask that you stay in your assigned area unless directed by the coach to do otherwise or if you need to use the bathroom. 
  6. We will be verbally screening class participants before starting the class on the status of their health as per VIHA regulations. 
  7. In your assigned area you will have a bottle with bleach solution, a roll of paper towels, a container of lysol wipes and a container to dispose of your used supplies. 
  8. You will need to sanitize your equipment before and after you use it.
  9. If you need to use the washroom (or retrieve equipment as directed by the coach) during class please use the marked lanes only, do not walk through another persons area. 
  10. There will be NO sharing of equipment during classes. 
  11. After sanitizing your equipment you will be required to leave the building via the back door of the gym no later than 5 mins after the end time of the class. 

Other Important Changes to Note: 

  1. Reserve for all classes you attend and you must cancel 12 hours before it starts if you do not intend on coming. Even if there is room in a class we will not be allowing anyone to participate without a reservation. Class reservations can be made right up until the start of class if there is still space available.
  2. Memberships are now based on a weekly rather than a monthly # of sessions. Missed classes in one week can not be transferred to the next week. 
  3. All Membership policies (upgrades, downgrades, holds and cancellations) are back in effect as of June 1st. Please refer to the membership agreement on your profile for the details. 
  4. You must be on time for class as VIHA requires us to screen all participants prior to beginning the session. 

As always we welcome questions and feedback so DM us if you need clarification. 

See you soon!