Happy Easter

With Easter this weekend, it may be looking a little different for most of you and your families this year. Even though you may not be able continue your typical Easter traditions, you can still celebrate Easter safely and deliciously!

Here are some ideas for celebrating a safe and healthy Easter from home:

1. Prepare a Healthy and Balanced Easter Meal

You can still keep your plate balanced while enjoying your favorite foods and recipes! The Plate Method is one of the easiest and most effective methods for achieving this. Prepare a non-starchy vegetable for ½ of your plate. Some favorites of mine are seasoned brussel sprouts, garlic mashed cauliflower, sauteed green beans or roasted carrots. Next, ¼ of your plate will be your protein. Ham, turkey, pork tenderloin or any other lean protein. The other ¼ will be your starchy carbohydrate. Great options are roasted butternut squash or mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes. Lastly, add in a bit of plant based fats such as olive oil, nuts or avocado. 

2. Stay Connected!

Services and social gatherings are being handled a bit differently this year. We can adapt and utilize a virtual platform to stay connected! Attend an online service or video call friends and family or whoever you normally spend your Easters with. Get dressed up, schedule a dinner and socialize!

3. Enjoy a fun Easter Activity!

Get outside and enjoy the outdoors or maybe stay inside and dye some Easter eggs or adopt a new Easter activity. This is a great opportunity to create some new traditions!

Stay healthy and have a wonderful Easter Weekend!