Are the Workouts Getting Harder?

Are the workouts at CrossFit LifeTree getting harder? The short answer is no, but also yes.

The programming hasn’t changed much from January to now. I still program thrusters, burpees and assault bike, just like I did back then. The duration and intensity is still similar as we are still working within a 60-minute time frame per class. We still use the barbell and dumbbells and do push-ups and sit-ups regularly.

So what has changed? Why does it FEEL like I’m working harder?

Well it could be a couple different reasons. First, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That saying comes to mind right away! The push you get from your classmates is a valuable aspect of the CrossFit class that went away during our shutdown. Even if you try to go as hard as you can by yourself, it just isn’t the same without someone sharing in your suffering beside you. You aren’t sure if your pace is fast or slow or somewhere in between.

A second possible reason why the workouts are feeling harder, is that you’re getting STRONGER! Yes, you read that right. I believe that the fitter you become, the harder you are able to make workouts feel. As your fitness improves, you are able to lift heavier weights, complete more challenging movements, and do more work in less time which is an increase in intensity.

So if you are feeling like the workouts are tougher, you can thank your friends in class and/or the increase in your fitness! 

Coach Caleb