You Can Speed Up Your Metabolism – True or False? – Part 1

You Can Speed Up Your Metabolism – True or False? – Part 1

This is the age old debate so I am going to be addressing it over the next few weeks in bite sized chunks.

Your metabolism is the rate at which your internal furnace burns energy. The energy that fuels the furnace is food you eat and the fat you store on your body. 

If you have found yourself gaining weight over the last few weeks it makes sense as many of us are less active even if we are still exercising. Most of us had jobs where we moved around even if it was just getting up from our desk to chat with a co-worker or walking from the house to the car and then the car to the office. If you are working from home you can just roll out of bed to your desks where you remain until it is time to log off at 5 pm. Your metabolism has slowed down simply because the energy your body needs to sustain it’s activity has decreased.  Unless we eat less to accommodate the inactivity the unused fuel gets stored as fat on our bodies. 

We all love to eat so if we don’t want to change our eating patterns we have to keep the energy in vs energy out equation balanced.

There is only one way to increase the rate at which your body burns calories at rest and that is to increase your muscle mass. The best way to increase muscle mass is to lift weights. 

At CrossFit LifeTree  we are here to help you get through this time. Our remote online coaches take the equipment you have in your home and add in odd objects to insure that you are getting stronger and keeping the internal furnace burning. Follow the plan and don’t skip strength days as they are fuel for your fire, your metabolism that is!

Keep your eyes on the prize,

Coach Tracey

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