Into Focus

Hi Gang

In one of my earlier posts this year I encouraged you to write out some expectations for achievement in the upcoming year and to group them into 6 areas. 

For those of you who may need a refocus here is the list of the 6 F’s and how to assess what for you personally would be a 10 out of 10 in those areas. 

  • Fitness – Are you staying active, taking care of your nutrition and being mindful of your health?
  • FamilyAre you having meals together, doing family activities and communicating well. This can be in person, on the phone or via Zoom?
  • FaithAre you spending time practicing your faith through prayer, meditation or reflection? 
  • FinancesAre you spending within your means and making changes to manage your income and outflow during this season?
  • FreedomWhat are you doing for fun or to play each day? Are you getting outside and enjoying the spring weather and maybe trying some new things?
  • FutureAre you planning a road map to prepare in the area of education, training or retooling your business  to adapt to our changing environment. 

Revisiting goals or setting them can be challenging but here is a step by step guide to reassessing where we are at and then monitoring areas that may need improvement:

  1. Write down what a 10 out of 10 should look like in all the 6 areas.
  2. Decide what level you are going to be okay with right now in each area. 
    1. Take fitness for example, a 10 out of 10 might be working out daily at the gym and improving  your running technique. Due to working from home and homeschooling your kids you may only get 1 run in a week and 2 workouts which would  be a 6 out of 10 but you need to be okay with that in this season. 
  3. Print off  the Daily Checklist.xlsx  or make your own and start tracking your daily habits in each of the areas. 
  4. At the end of 7 days you can assess where you are at and what areas you need focus on. 
  5. The following 7 days you can set action steps in the areas you need to improve and see if your sense of well being is greater at the end of that week. 

Hope this helps guys and remember, we are here for you,

Coach Tracey