Working on Weaknesses

Hey gang,

We may not be able to work on what we want to right now. Maybe you love the barbell workouts or the workouts with pull-ups and toes-to-bar. Everyone has their preference to the type of workout they would choose if the choice was available. Unfortunately, right now there is limited choice if you don’t have a kitted out garage gym. 

HOWEVER! There is always a silver lining. This is an opportunity for ALL of us right now. We get a chance to work on weaknesses that we might otherwise pass up on for the more glamorous and enjoyable movements. For example, push-ups have never been a very good movement for me. I often burn out on them in workouts such as “Cindy” (20 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats). I have probably done more push-ups in the past 2-weeks than I have in the previous year of training! I can definitely notice an improvement already.

I also know that burpees aren’t a crowd favourite either and that’s because they are hard! But by the end of our at-home training stint, we will all be noticeably better at burpees and a whole lot fitter as a result. When we get back to the movements we really miss, they might feel a bit rusty at first, but all of these other movements we have been completing will provide an excellent transfer of fitness. Our increased upper body strength, core development, and grip endurance will have improved which will help our overall fitness! 

Keep working on your weaknesses gang, it will be worth it I promise!

Coach Caleb