The Armada

Uh oh!

 It seems the luxury liner we have spent our entire lives travelling on may have struck an iceberg. As the “unsinkable” ship, “The World As We Know It” takes on water, none of her passengers are unaffected. The people in first class and those in the cheap cabins are equally at risk. Fortunately, most of us have managed to grab life jackets and have made it to the lifeboats. Some have even managed to grab a few rolls of twin-ply as the ship was going down! Now we are isolated in the relative safety of our homes, our quarantine lifeboats.  We find ourselves floating in troubled waters, waiting for the rescue ship. We know this new ship won’t be quite as posh as the one we left behind, but we will certainly be glad to get on it when it gets here! 

The Armada.

We just have to wait. Happily, we need not wait alone. There are a great many of us drifting out here in our little rafts. We can tether our boats together to form an Armada. In the Armada, we are together, even as we are apart.  We may not be able to “come aboard” each other’s dinghy, but we can hail one another from the decks. We can offer encouragement and navigational tips. Together, we are stronger and more resilient. We can help each other avoid other little icebergs, like loneliness and discouragement. The tighter  the Armada is held together, the stronger we will all be in the end. 


CrossFit LifeTree, of course, is our Armada. You and I are in our LifeTree-LifeBoats. People have found many ways to keep the boats tied together. From Facebook to Zoom parties; blog posts and emails; joining real time cyber workouts and even Tik tok dance competitions (God save us!) Posting on the digital leaderboard (stay tuned for more about this!). Facetime, the digital equivalent of chatting over the fence with a good neighbour. We need to be creative, like the drive-by birthday party for a seven year old boy! 

Be sure you don’t allow yourself to drift away. Equally important, keep your friends close. You may need to reach out. Many people are hurting and will need some help to get their boats securely tied in……You may have to throw them a line.

All the best,

Coach Mark