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Redeem through Rehab

Do you have an area of your body that does not move well or gives you pain? 

I did and this is my story.

Ignorance is not bliss

About a year ago I started experiencing some discomfort in my left shoulder. It was just a twingy pain that occasionally bothered me in my sleep and when I performed certain movements in workouts. It started just before the 2019 Spring Open so I thought I would wait to see someone until after the competition. After the Open it was the CanWest Games Qualifiers then the Games  so my plan was to rest and see in the summer. I took 6 weeks off and when I went back to training it was still there. Then it was pre-Open training and things still weren’t any better but I just pushed through promising myself that I would get treatment in December..

The longer you leave it the longer the rehab 

By December I was experiencing disturbed sleep and lack of mobility due to the pain and I knew it was time to do something about it. That is when I called up Kim Oslund of Osmosis Athletic Therapy. I booked a full hour with her as I really wanted a full assessment. Kim did most of her assessment just watching me move and although some of her treatment was hands on the most valuable part of the visit was the exercise prescription she gave me after the visit. 

Why the magic wand of treatment is not the treatment

After my appointment with Kim I put together 3 different routines to rotate through daily and put them in my phone as reminders. I decided that I was not going to let my head hit the pillow at night until I had done my rehab routine assigned to that day. After about 4 weeks I noticed that I was not waking in the night. After about 6 weeks I realized I was stronger overhead and After 3 months I can perform a snatch again completely pain free. 

The big issue for most when it comes to any kind of rehab is finding the time and the motivation to do the prescribed exercises. We go to an appointment hoping for that quick fix. Unfortunately our bodies are not machines that can have their parts replaced when things go wonky. Our bodies can only heal when they are taught how to move correctly again and then strengthened in those areas that are weak. 


Redeem through rehab

Most of us have a bit more time on our hands these days so why not redeem the situation and invest that time into something that will be of great value down the road. 

If this resonates with you today I want to recommend that you book a virtual appointment with a practitioner today. They may not be able to give you physical treatments at this time but they can assess and then prescribe which is the most valuable part of the appointment. 

Here are a few of my favorite practitioners who have taken their businesses virtual:

Marcia Kirby of Uplevel Physiotherapy and 

Megan Tenant of Island Kids Physio  

Ange Vander Schilden and Kristine Salmon of Rise Health 

Trevor Miller of Motus

Hope this helps everyone and If you have someone you are seeing that has helped you please tag them in the comments section with your testimony. 

Happy Rehabbing:

Coach Tracey