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The Digital PR Board

The PR board has long been the way we acknowledge and celebrate milestones reached by our members. PR stands for “personal record”, the term used to describe your best score in any given event or movement. Personal recognition is fun and for some of us, it helps push us further than we may have otherwise gone. Even if recognition doesn’t move you, your accomplishments do inspire others.

As you know, we don’t have access to our traditional PR board at present, so for this season,  we have created the Digital PR Board! Just like always, when you hit a new personal best score, we want to shout about it!  Whether you moved up from 5 consecutive double-unders to 10, or if you added 5 pounds to your deadlift, we want to know! If you took 2 seconds off of your 5k run or did your first strict push up, that’s a PR! Let your coach know about it and we will record it. We will be posting the Digital PR Board on Facebook for all to see.

 It’s time to toot your horn a little, and give us all something to cheer about!

Keep up the great work!