Different is Okay!

Right now, things are different. You don’t shop the same, you don’t work the same, you don’t socialize the same; it’s all very different. You also don’t workout the same! That’s taken a major turn from the ordinary. The big groups of 16 people sweating and high fiving has gone by the wayside for the time being. This relatable scenario has been replaced by quiet, solo training sessions that are coached remotely and programmed digitally. But that’s okay. 

Different is okay right now! We are learning more about ourselves and our perseverance to become fitter and better human beings. We are being tested to see if we can continue to think about our health and fitness despite it lacking the social aspects it once had. The beauty of that, is when we make it through this period, we know we will be able to stay even more committed to promoting our own personal wellness. 

We will also come back to the gym MASTERS of a certain piece of equipment! For those of you that borrowed a kettlebell, you will laugh in the face of tough kettlebell workouts. Those of you who took a dumbbell will wonder if the dumbbell snatch workouts are just the warm-ups for the regular workouts. By only handling one or two pieces of gear for the next while, you will become very proficient at the movements that can be done with it!

So, different is okay! It will make our old “normal” gym feel so good when we finally get back inside to workout together. The commitment to our fitness will pay off when we come back fitter than before and masters of that piece of gear you are secretly learning to love!

Coach Caleb