Stretch Yourself!

Have you had a chance to join us for the online stretching sessions on Sunday afternoons? This was one of many new things that emerged from COVID-19. It has been a joy for me to teach and connect with our community in a new way. Where CrossFit is all about intensity, pushing hard, and sweating it out, which I love, the Sunday sessions are an excellent compliment to your weekly workouts. We focus on stretching, mobility, breath work, and taking time to slow down. It’s a space to tune in to what is going on, not just in your body but also in your heart and mind.

As a member at CrossFit LifeTree you are welcome to participate in our Sunday afternoon sessions as part of your membership. We care about you being healthy in every facet of yourself; body, soul and spirit. It’s the complete package! Need more convincing? Here a some of the benefits from this style of class:

  1. Increased Mobility

In order to successfully execute movements in they gym requires a certain amount of mobility. Stretching increases flexibility, which in turn effects the range of motion of your joints. Greater levels of flexibility may improve your performance at the gym.

Reduces Stiffness

When we stay still or sit for too long our muscles can shorten and become stiff. Maintaining a consistent practice of stretching helps your muscles stay long and lean. It is important to move the body in all the different ways it was created to move. This is your best defence against stiffness, and you know what stiffness does? It lowers your performance in the gym! 

  1. Reduces Stress

We tend to carry stress in our body, most noticeable in the form of stiff muscles. By releasing muscle tension we allow the muscles to let go of stress, which helps you relax. Another benefit, deep breathing has been shown to lower stress by increasing levels of oxygen to the brain and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Say what? It promotes a state of calmness. 

  1. Increases Energy

How does something so gentle and easy increase energy you ask? When we stretch we come out feeling refreshed because stretching increases blood and nutrient flow through the body, leaving you feeling energized and invigorated.

Don’t just take my word on it. Join us this Sunday at 4pm and check it out for yourself. Link details are posted on the CrossFit LIfetree Members Facebook Page. And if you can’t make it Sunday, you can always watch the recording at a later date. See you then!

Coach Amy