Should I Be Taking Creatine?

You’ve probably heard of creatine at some point. It is probably the most consumed supplement for gym-goers behind protein powder. It is inexpensive, readily available and widely researched. With no documented harmful side effects, it is often taken worry-free.

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance. It is even being produced by your body in small doses by your kidney, liver and pancreas. But to get the amounts needed to really feel the results in training, people often supplement to boost their levels. 

You can increase your creatine stores by eating red meat or fish, although to get any substantial amounts you would need to consume quite a lot! A cheaper and more efficient method is by taking a synthetic powdered supplemental version of the product. You can purchase creatine at most supplement stores and many grocery stores.

So why should I take it? 

Creatine has been shown to improve strength, reduce soreness, increase muscle mass and help muscles recover quicker during and after workouts. 

Those things sound great don’t they? 

With little to no side effects, it is a great supplement to think about increasing in your diet. As with any new addition to your diet, you should consider consulting a nutritionist or doctor to make sure it is right for you. It is also always wise to do your own research on a subject like this!

If you like getting stronger, want to increase your lean muscle mass, and help your body recover quicker between workouts, give creatine a try!

Coach Caleb