Don’t Put Up With Pain

Hey Gang: 

Maybe you are like me and purchased a picture that wasn’t exactly what you wanted but hung it up on the wall because there was nothing better at the time. You thought about replacing it now and then but after a while you just didn’t see it any more. Something was amiss when you walked into the room and saw it but you just couldn’t put your finger on it and maybe you even arranged your furniture subconsciously so that you did not have to see it. One day you were given a beautiful piece of art to replace the eyesore with and it was only then you realized how the old picture should have disappeared a long time ago. 

Pain is a bit like this. When you start CrossFit you are asking your body to move in ways it may not have for a very long time. Sometimes as you attempt to move joints through their full range of motion you may experience strain, damage and pain. Perhaps during COVID you were working in a less than ideal position ergonomically or were laid off from your physically demanding job and became more sedentary. When pain first hits you it may be all you can think about and it may actually cause you to want to stop moving altogether but after a while you get used to the discomfort or your body figures a way to move to lessen it in the form of a limp or recruiting muscles that may not be designed to do the movement you are asking the joint to do. This is a dangerous situation as it is like the ugly picture…after a while you learn to live with the dysfunction. Although the discomfort or pain is tolerable the adaptations your body has made will eventually cause problems in other areas and more pain and permanent damage can occur. 

Getting your pain diagnosed is the first step and the best way to do that is to see someone who knows the body has a desire to help you pain free again without losing your fitness. Delaying this process hoping things will get better on their own is a dangerous one. 

At CrossFit LifeTree we have several amazing practitioners in our midst who work close to our gym and who have helped so many of our members already: 

Alex Derksen – Physiotherapist from CFLT – Physio

Kim Oslund – Athletic Therapist from Osmosis Wellness 

Marcia Kirby – Physiotherapist from Uplevel Physio 

Colleen Johnson – Massage Therapist from Stomma Massage 

Megan Tenant – Kids Physiotherapist from Island Kids Physio 

We want to keep you moving well and getting stronger for the rest of your life so if you relate to the blog today here are 3 steps to getting on the path to a pain free body: 

  1. Make an appointment with a professional to get a diagnosis and a prescription of action steps that will get you on your road to healing. 
  2. Diligently follow the prescription just like you would a medication from a medical doctor. 
  3. Continue with your training with the modifications that your practitioner has advised. 

We are in this for the long haul, pain is your friend and is telling you to change something. If you relate to this blog don’t delay, take action today. 

All the best,