How Resilient Are You?

Feeling like things are a little tough lately? This quarantine thing isn’t easy. Experiencing so many changes is uncomfortable and not knowing when it may end can be draining. At the same time, this quarantine can be the perfect opportunity to tap into your resiliency.

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

― Steve Maraboli

What is resilience?

In a simple definition, it is our ability to adapt in hard situations. Stemming from a latin word meaning “rebound”, being resilient is the ability to recover quickly from the unexpected curve balls life throws us.

How do we build resilience?

Building resilience is a skill we can learn and refine. It is a lot like building muscle, it takes time and of course, resistance to see growth. You got it! Moving outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens.

If you have been on a journey of fitness at CrossFit LifeTree you have been building resilience. How many times have you walked into the gym unsure if you will be able to get the workout done? How many times have you got part way into a workout and wanted to quit, believing you won’t be able to finish. Yet every time somehow you are able to push through.

We are created to do hard things. Every time you overcome something you didn’t think was possible, you’ve made another deposit in your bank account of resiliency. From the first day you entered the gym until now you have been growing. Growing in confidence and in your abilities, you are more capable than you think. So stop being so hard on yourself and remember you are really quite remarkable!

Take a moment to remember where you have come from on your fitness journey, and how much you have grown. All the times you really wanted to quit and didn’t. You have a source of resilience already developed, you just need to tap into it!

Coach Amy