Get Outside!

School’s out! The shops are closed. The office is shuttered up. You’ve been told to stay home and flatten the curve. Sit on the couch, do your part.

This practice  of quarantine goes way back to the 14th century during the plague. The word comes from the Italian quaranta giorni, which means 40 days. Ships coming into Venice would have to sit at anchor for that long before anyone could come ashore.The cabin fever must have been intense! Not sure if they were able to do anything about their curve or not, but the concept hasn’t changed much. 

We have had a bit more than 40 days of our current quarantine lifestyle. House arrest is beginning to feel normal. Don’t let it. It’s too easy to settle into a routine that allows no change of scenery.  It’s time to get off the ship and stretch your horizons a bit. Get out of the house. 

Make time to go for a walk each and every day. Get down to the beach or hit your favourite hiking trail. Pump up your bike tires and get on it. Plant a garden. Do it for your sanity as well as your physical well being.

We are one of the most fortunate jurisdictions in all of the Western World as far as still having some freedom of movement, so move! There are a myriad of activities you can do beyond the walls of your house while still maintaining the spirit and the letter of social distancing orders. 

You just need to be smart about it.

Coach Mark