Cut Yourself Some Slack

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to CrossFit LifeTree! It seems like forever since we saw all your faces in the gym. After our long absence, many things will feel familiar upon return, but some will not. We will need to adjust and adapt again and again in the days to come until we find our new groove. 

Upon return, you will see familiar faces but less of them, classes will be smaller for a time.

Your coaches still look and sound awesome, and their programming is the best but delivered in a very different format. Social “norms” may not feel like “norms” for a while. Once the dust settles, however, life at the gym will once again be the best part of your day!

And then there is you. Where are you at now?

Hibernation may have taken its toll. You may find that your fitness is not what it was 3 months ago. Depending on what routine you have maintained at home, you may find some of your skills have gotten a bit rusty. You may be down on yourself for putting on some weight or for letting your mobility slide towards immobility. Perhaps motivation hasn’t been easy. 

It is easy to beat yourself up, but don’t do it. Be nice to yourself. Remember, the rug was pulled out from under you in a big way, life got shook up a bit. You deserve a bit of a break. Just as you will no doubt be patient with us as we try to figure out restarting the gym, be patient with yourself. Cut yourself a bit of slack. Once you find your new routine and stick to it you will be back in form before long. Any gains you may have lost will be restored and then some. Welcome back.

Change is often uncomfortable, but it’s not such a bad thing. We don’t grow much in the comfort zone.

See you on Monday,

Coach Mark