The Unknown Again

Pivoting to online coaching was a huge unknown to all of us. 

As coaches we wondered about our ability to deliver quality workouts and provide the motivations needed for our athletes to get them done. Would it work, would people remain fit and healthy and finally would they have fun?

Our members had hesitations, wondering if they were able to have the self discipline to carry out the coaches instructions, were they doing the workouts correctly, were they on track for their goals?

What we found is that online coaching works and that truly anyone can do it!  

Now we face a new unknown….opening the gym again with many safety standards in place to allow us to do so. 

We have unanswered questions and no grid to base our actions on. One thing we know with certainty is that we have a strong, resilient community who will work together to make the best out of a less than ideal situation. 

As we approach May 25th we encourage you to ask questions, voice concerns and make suggestions so we can work as a team to move forward. We know that everyone will have a different level of comfort heading into this new season and want to assure you we will be following VIHA’s guidelines with strict adherence until such time they are softened or lifted. 

Only 4 more sleeps and we will be back together again,

Coach Tracey