Crush your fears through “inter”action

Hi All:

I wanted to touch base to hear how you are doing. This is a very strange time for us all and I know that fear can really do a number on both our physical and mental health. 

One thing I have always found is that fear can produce paralysis and isolation. Paralysis and isolation can erode our mental and physical health. This is especially prevalent right now as we are being told to isolate and stay put to keep ourselves and others healthy. 

I want to let you know that it is “inter” action that will break through the wall of fear and bring you to a place of hope. Here are some ideas that can help you get through this season with more joy, strength and peace.

  1. Keep your health & fitness up. 
    1. Do the online FB live workouts each day and comment and interact with the others who are joining in the fun. 
    2. Do your personalized workouts and share your results with your coach and others on our members site. 
    3. Invite your family to do your workouts with you and who knows they may fall in love with CF as much as you. 
    4. Focus on your nutrition and making whole foods the center of your daily eating plan. 
  2. Reconnect with friends and family.
    1. Most of us are confined to our homes with someone, either spouse or children so take advantage of this time to connect. Play games, do puzzles, start a garden or start a family project that you have been putting off.
    2. If you are alone at this time make a list of people you have lost contact with due to the business of life. Make a coffee and pick up the phone, facetime or skype a coffee date. 
    3. Hug those you can and tell them they are loved.
  3. Help others by practicing generosity and random acts of kindness.
    1. Offer to pick up groceries for those who for whatever reason cannot get out. 
    2. If you have the resources, send e-transfers to those who are suffering financially right now. 
    3. Send messages of love or offer to pray for those who are struggling with fear or ill.
  4. Be productive.
    1. Make a list of unfinished projects in your home or life, pick one and get started.
    2. Keep as much routine as possible. 
    3. Set some health and fitness goals by booking a phone session with a coach here

Yesterday was full of tears  and laughter for me as I spent the day distributing equipment and chatting about your fitness. One of our strategies for offering personal online coaching at this time is to connect with each one of you throughout the week and keep you engaged. I as a coach am pumped about this opportunity. 

When we face a daunting workout such as “Hundo” we focus on the next rep not on the next 99 reps remaining. Today I challenge you to do one rep from the above list and then once you have done that do one more. Just like hard workouts the results will be a feeling of pride and accomplishment as you progress. 

Peace and grace to you,