Online coaching, the new normal at CFLT: CoVid-19 update

Dear CrossFit LifeTree Family,

We have moved to online coaching effective immediately. As of 5pm March 16, 2020, we have made the very tough decision to close our CrossFit LifeTree gym physical location for 3-weeks. We want to be part of the solution to this global crisis; not a factor in promoting its devastating effects. We want to lead by example in the fitness community by encouraging social-distancing and self-isolation. By staying open, we feel we would be doing the opposite. By closing, we are helping make the decision for you.

If we are going to do the wrong thing, we would rather do it on the side of caution by closing preemptively, rather than on the side of pushing our luck and causing more harm. We all have a civic duty to perform in this scenario and we want to make sure we do our part. 

COVID-19 has created a tough situation for gym-goers worldwide. Lucky for us, fit healthy people are harder to kill. You have built strength, you have improved your cardiovascular capacity, you have built an efficient respiratory system and you have built a buffer against sickness that will help you weather this storm. 

Even if you do get sick, your immune system has been strengthened to bounce back quicker than most. CrossFit has made you tough and the Coronavirus is worried about YOU! If you’re sick, don’t exercise. Rest and get better. If everyone else is sick, that’s the worst time to stop exercising. Don’t let your guard down!

Here is the good news we have for you!

  1. As of right now, we are still going to provide you with the gold standard of fitness coaching! We are shifting all of our coaching to ONLINE. The community will stay strong together as we continue to work through this as a group
  2. We are using this situation to take the opportunity to launch our new Online Training! More on that below.
  3. We are in constant contact with other gyms to gather information and strategies on how to continue providing you with the level of coaching you have come to expect. You will not lose your health and fitness during this trying time, you will build it UP!

Long Term Plans

At CrossFit LifeTree, you are paying for coaching. It’s not about the location or the equipment, because you can get that anywhere. It’s about the personal connection, the leadership you receive from your coaches and the accountability to stay on track.

Coaching can happen at your CrossFit gym…or anywhere for that matter (like your living room)!

You can stay home, avoid the crowds, practice social isolation, and you can still get JUST as fit; protect yourself and stay healthy for your family from home. We are going to help you through this. By providing you with accountability and online coaching, you are going to continue to see your fitness and health improve. 

Here are the steps you need to take to keep your fitness improving:

  1. Answer your phone! Tomorrow you will EACH receive a personal phone call from one of our coaches to discuss your individual plan for moving forward!
  2. Continuing members, come to CFLT tomorrow between the hours 9am – 12pm or 4pm – 6pm to sign out 1 piece of gear. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. The piece of gear will be used frequently in your personalized workouts that you will receive from your coach. If you already have dumbbells or kettlebells at home, this will suffice!
  3. Log on to the CrossFit LifeTree Members page tomorrow at 9:30am to do a LIVE bodyweight-only workout with the community!

For those of you continuing with your CrossFit LifeTree membership, you will receive ALL of the following:

  • Personalized workouts based on how many training sessions a week your membership is based on and the equipment/space you have (these are in addition to the bodyweight-only workouts below)
  • 1 piece of gear to sign out
  • Daily interaction with your coach through emails/texts explaining your workout
  • Accountability and feedback from your coach to continue improving your fitness
  • 6 bodyweight-only workouts per week run on Facebook live daily (these are accessible for everyone. So if you have financial struggles during this crisis, you can still do these workouts with us)

We are a small business, not backed by large venture funding. Please consider keeping your membership active while the gym is closed. We want to make sure CrossFit LifeTree is still here for you when this is all over. Your continued support will enable us to take care of our coaches, who can then take care of you with remote coaching/accountability.

If you’ve been immediately hit financially (e.g. hourly wage/hospitality industry) please talk to us.

Thank you for all of your support so far, we look forward to continuing to coach you towards your fitness and lifestyle goals.


Caleb, Caileigh, Mark and Tracey