The unknown and unknowable

Dear Friends:

It is an overwhelming time with so much of the unknown and unknowable before us. The good news is that we have been trained for such a time as this. To quote Greg Glassman (Founder of CrossFit Inc) in his article “Understanding CrossFit” he says “We sought to build a program that would best prepare trainees for any physical contingency—prepare them not only for the unknown but for the unknowable as well.” 

Everyday you show up at the gym for a workout that you have no idea how to do, how it will feel and the long term effects it will have on your body. You take it one rep at a time and with the help of your coach and your fellow classmates you complete the challenge and proudly put up your score.  

Sometimes the workout is scary, you overcome fear. 

Sometimes the workout is hard, you overcome obstacles. 

Sometimes the workout is impossible, you lay down your ego and modify.


This my friends is how physical and mental fortitude is forged. 

In this time we have an unprecedented opportunity to take what we have trained for and apply it to a very real and challenging situation.

Are you fearful of the unknown? 

  • Identify one thing you are afraid of and think of the worst possible scenario then write down an action plan to prevent that from happening. Action conquers fear!

Do you have obstacles in your way right now that are standing in the way of your goals?

  • See them for what they are and find creative ways to overcome them. For example: If you cannot be with family in person do a video call, if you cannot do business the way you used to find a way to offer your service in a different way. In times of crisis some of the most world changing ideas are birthed!

Do you feel unable to cope with what is required of you?

  • Reach out for support!  Our community is here for you and we can help each other in this time. Send me an email and we can set up a time to talk. Your coaches and community are here for you and want to help. 

Remember at CrossFit LifeTree NO ONE FINISHES ALONE and now is the time to make that statement a reality. 

Love and grace to you,



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