5 Reasons Why You Need to Meal Prep

Have you ever heard the term “meal prep”? It’s a bit of a buzz word in the fitness community, what’s it all about? Meal prepping, or meal prep, is simply preparing complete meals, dishes or snacks ahead of time. There are many reasons to start thinking about adding meal prep to your life. Here are a few: 

  1. Meal prep helps save time in our busy world. Preparing meals ahead of time reduces the time spent in the kitchen. Instead of cooking everyday, you prepare several meals at the same time, portion them into containers, having them ready to grab and go. Plus, the less time you make a mess in the kitchen the less time you have to spend cleaning it up. 
  2. If you struggle with portion sizes or if going back for seconds gets out of hand, meal prep can help with that. Having pre-measured meals keeps you from continuing to fill your plate again and again. Don’t think about how much to eat, you already have it pre-measured!
  3. Takes the stress out of deciding what’s for dinner, cutting down time spent staring into the refrigerator. You’ve already planned ahead, so just pull out what you prepped and enjoy. It’s that easy!
  4. Helps save you money. Having a clear plan and buying only what you need to prep for the week reduces food going to waste. Additionally, because you’ve planned out the entire week you can buy in bulk to help save money. 
  5. Having food pre-made and ready to go makes it easy to reach for healthy options. Many people resort to fast food or unhealthy snacks because it is easier than preparing something in the moment. The more healthy food you’ve prepared ahead of time, the less likely you’ll choose unhealthy options. 

There is more than one way to approach meal prep. It doesn’t have to be an all day Sunday project. Things like make ahead meals, batch cooking, individually portioned meals, and ready to cook ingredients all play a role in making meal prep more enjoyable.

If this still seems a little overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, not to worry. We are running a 4-week Meal Prep Online Workshop starting on October 15th. You’ll gain the steps you need to become a meal prep ninja!

Coach Amy