Riding the Giants

A few weeks ago I watched an amazing movie about big wave surfing called Riding Giants. It follows a community of surfers who go to the ends of the earth to find 50+ foot waves to ride. They often travel together and have each other’s backs as while one rides the wave the other is at the ready on their jet ski to pick them up if they bail. One of the surfers was asked why he does what he does and this was his response “Because in the moment I am riding the wave it is simply the only thing in my life and I cannot think of anything else.”

This quote really struck me as when we are faced with a challenging workout this is exactly the same state we’re in.  On the call of 3-2-1 go we put our heads down and focus on the next rep and the noise in our heads is silenced.

Last week many of us rode a giant called “Karen” 150 wall balls for time. The number of repetitions is daunting and the movement requires strength, mobility, accuracy and mental grit leaving even the strongest athlete shaky and weak at the knees at the end. The thing is, you can always throw another ball and there is no time cap so the only way out is to throw another one until that magical number is reached. In the midst of the workout you are only focused on the next rep and all other thoughts are purged from your mind. Those who have finished surround those who are struggling and carry them through to the next rep. At the end we celebrate the shared suffering and victory regardless of the time it took to get there.

CrossFit will soften the hard edges of your life if you allow yourself to be challenged in your abilities and carried in your weaknesses and it is through this softening that we are strengthened.

See you on the next ride!

Coach Tracey