Why We Don’t Allow Kids on The Workout Floor

Almost everyone loves kids. I like kids and I even used to be one. I  ended up raising a couple of my own and then on to grand kids. They are the greatest! I love having kids around whenever I can, but like all things, there is a time and place. Adult gym class is not one of those times or places. In the interest of keeping your kids safe,  we do not allow them on the gym floor.

According to Chris Cooper who runs several gyms, the two biggest insurance claims gym owners face are accidents because of dogs and incidents involving kids on the floor during classes other than a kids class. 

Being around a group of people moving heavy objects at speed and under fatigue can be a dangerous place for kids. Children and dogs can also be unpredictable in their movements creating further hazards. We can only imagine how devastating it would be for all involved if someone was hurt. We will not take chances with your kids or our members and coaches.

I appreciate that sometimes it is difficult as a parent to juggle looking after the kids and finding time to take care of yourself. It is even harder now with COVID-19 shutting down our child-minding service. Trading off with your spouse or asking grandparents to help is inconvenient, we know, but it must be done. This not only makes for a safer environment, but it also allows you to have an hour for you to focus on yourself and your fitness. Take an hour just for you and have more to give to the kids when you get home.

CrossFit LifeTree is a family business and it is reflected in how we have built the gym. All of you as members have become a part of our LifeTree family. Some of you have come as individuals, some as couples and some as complete households. We place a high value on the concept of  family and have worked to make LifeTree a place that is safe and inviting for all.

 We want everyone in your family to feel welcome in ours, especially your kids. Hopefully we can resume our kids programs soon and allow them to be involved in a safe and fun setting. Until then, give them our love and keep them out of harm’s way.