A Friendly Reminder or a Broken Record?

Log your scores!

We had Nancy show up again last week and there were some INCREDIBLE performances from the gang. We saw some amazing first time efforts and some excellent new PRs being set by those who had the opportunity to repeat the workout.

There were also some folks who knew they had completed it before, but forgot to log their previous results. Therefore, they were unable to see if there had been progress and improvements made since the last time we tested this benchmark. 

The beauty of a benchmark workout such as Nancy, is it allows us to track our health and fitness quantitatively. The numbers typically don’t lie! If you finished faster, you are fitter. If you lifted a heavier weight this time, you are fitter.

I may sound like a broken record by now, but this is one of the best ways to actually tell if the work you are doing is improving your well-being. To me, it seems like a no-brainer! I want to know that if I am putting all this time and energy into something, there is a noticeable payoff that comes from it.

Do yourself a favour, if you know you slack off a bit when it comes to keeping track of your results, let’s try and establish that as a habit at the end of each workout you complete at CrossFit LifeTree! You don’t need to do it for the fame and glory of the leaderboard, you can even use the option to keep your results private if you don’t want to display your score. Instead, do it for YOU (and future you who will be wondering how they did on that workout when it comes around again). 

Coach Caleb