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Why Going Over a Speed Bump Isn’t a Big Deal

When Caileigh and I were in Brazil this year, we rented a Jeep and drove out to the coast to hang out on the beach for a while. Driving in Brazil is much different than it is in Canada; turn signals are used sparingly, motorcyclists and mopeds drive between cars at full speed and there are speed bumps on the highway. Yes, speed bumps. On the highway.

It took some getting used to as you can’t really go into “highway mode” and hit your cruise control. You are constantly being slowed down, only to increase your speed up to the speed limit (or slightly more, I mean come on, I had to see what the Jeep was capable of). Despite the significant amount of speed bumps, we carried on and eventually reached our picturesque destination on the eastern coast of Brazil. 

Our journey to health and fitness has similar parallels. We run over speed bumps all the time that force us to slow down our progress towards our goals. These health and fitness speed bumps come in all shapes and sizes: sickness, financial issues, vacations, lack of motivation, injury, etc. But these speed bumps shouldn’t become stop signs. 

We are bound to slow down at some point, but never come to a complete stop. Just like in Brazil, we slowed down, but then accelerated once the obstacle was behind us and continued progressing towards what we set out to accomplish (in this case, it was to relax!). The same should be considered for your health and fitness! Don’t pull that vehicle over just because you had to slow down a little bit. Keep coming back to the gym, keep working hard, and keep speeding up!

Coach Caleb