Tough workouts make tough people. And tough people are harder to take down physically, mentally and emotionally. The workout “When Burpees are the Rest” from Monday which will probably live in your memory for quite some time, was tough. It was designed to be that way. It was programmed on a Monday to start your week off with arguably the hardest thing you will have to conquer for the next 7 days. If you can get through that workout, you can get through ALL of the challenges that this strange time can throw at us.

There are challenges in our lives that leave us questioning whether or not we will ever get through. This COVID-19 scenario is proving to be one of those challenges. We are in an unprecedented time where having a bit of tough skin really pays dividends to our mental and physical wellbeing. I truly believe that tough workouts are a great way to show ourselves we are capable of handling all sorts of unknown and unknowable situations.

I want you to embrace tough workouts. I want you to look forward to them. I know that sounds weird and perhaps a little insane at first, but hear me out. Once you start to grasp the empowerment that can be born of accomplishing difficult tasks, you can become tougher than you ever imagined. I remember when I started CrossFit, there were workouts that scared me. I would either skip them or I wouldn’t put in 100% effort in fear of how tough it would feel during. I ALWAYS regretted that after the fact. As I continued with CrossFit though, I realized that these hard workouts weren’t going anywhere. They kept coming. So I started to tackle them head on. I started to look forward to them. I liked the challenge, I liked seeing how far I could go; seeing what I was capable of. The difference was astounding, my confidence in my ability to handle difficult tasks skyrocketed and I never looked back.

Right now, we have two options with the workouts that come our way. We can skip them, or we can do them. Skipping them will always leave you feeling self-defeated to a degree. Whereas completing them will leave you feeling vindicated and empowered. They give you a sense of “Yeah! I just did that!” You will become tougher and harder to take down mentally, physically and emotionally. When the next tough workout shows up in your inbox, get excited about the opportunity to prove to yourself that you are unstoppable.

Coach Caleb