The Perfect Day

Dear Friends: 

I used to own a dance school.  Beginning at the end of March right up to the dance recital in June we would be working around the clock.The days were long and the task lists were endless. It was so stressful managing so many tasks such as ordering costumes, running rehearsals, selling tickets, dealing with venue issues and so much more. When things got too much I would just stop and think for a moment. What would I feel like on the day after the recital? How would I feel when I woke  in the morning. Where would I be sitting with my coffee reflecting on the night before? What emotions would I feel reflecting on the night before? 

Right now things can feel pretty stressful. We have so many unknowns and are being called to pivot in many different directions at any moment. I know for many of you this season has brought about huge changes that you did not want to make. Maybe you are not able to be at work or be with the ones you love or maybe the opposite and you are spending more time in close quarters with family and it is putting strain on relationships. For so  many of us our CrossFit classes are a daily bright spot and we desperately miss being together to do our workouts. 

When I get overwhelmed with how this situation is affecting our community this is how I cope. I remind myself that the COVID-19 pandemic will be over one day. On that day we will get to walk into gyms again. We will stand at the whiteboard and listen to Coach share the workouts, banter back and forth about how hard it is going to be, give it our all, and cheer on the last person to finish and best of all high five without fear. When I imagine this I am actually there, and my heart is full of hope for the future. 

Take a moment today and just imagine your perfect day will look like when this is all over. What will you do? Who will you spend time with? What will be your emotions? 

Feel the peace of that moment in the future and let it fill you with hope to carry you today. 

Love and hope,


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela