Moving from fear to possibility and then to reality.

Hi Everyone: 

This past weekend our Coaches Caleb and Caileigh were down in Brazil competing in the Brazil CrossFit Championship and won which earned them a spot at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin at the end of July 2020.  This victory was especially sweet as 2 years ago they missed winning a similar competition by 1 point and lost their chance to go to the games that year. 

So many people have come to me with their congratulations for Caleb and Caileigh’s win and of course as their parents we are deeply proud and happy for them. 

I wanted to send out this note to say congratulations and thank YOU,  as it is the CFLT Community who has helped them realize their dream. So many encouraging messages, hugs and gifts both financial and material that were poured out on the whole team which strengthened them leading up to and throughout the entire event. Having the stress of finances removed and knowing they had an army of supportive cheerleaders behind them they could not help but succeed. 

I am so inspired by their fortitude to redeem what was lost 2 years ago. Not only has the competition in CrossFit become fiercer but the barriers to compete have become much higher. Team Taranis LifeTree saw past the obstacles and stoked the faith in their hearts through much hard work which turned a deep desire into a reality. 

Fear of failure is the biggest obstacle that prevents us from pursuing our dreams. Moving from fear to possibility and then into reality requires great courage and focus. Let’s be inspired today by Coach Caleb and Coach Caileigh to identify those things we hide in our hearts as unfulfilled dreams. Speak them out to a true friend who will hold you accountable to action and then set a plan in motion to see them transpire. 

 With Much Love to you all,