Keep Ticking Along

Hey Gang:

Yesterday I wrote about helping you organize your day but that can feel overwhelming. Writing it down is one thing but getting the ball rolling is another thing. 

Today I am going to share 3 tips to slaying that task list like a champ. 

  1. Do an easy job first to get your wheels in motion. It is something mundane and does not require any creative energy. It is kind of like the warm up in our CrossFit Classes. 
  2. Next tackle your unfinished business from the day before as it is easier to finish a job than it is to start one. You get that dopamine hit of checking something off the list which motivates to start the next. This is like the burst of energy you often feel on the last round of a workout that did not exist in the first. 
  3. Once you are fully warmed up and prepped for new tasks pick the one like the least. It is kind of like working on my weaknesses. I know getting started will be hard but the feeling of accomplishment will be amazing. 

Hope this helps guys and let me know if you need any help!

Hope your day ticks along nicely,