Indirect Gains

Hey gang,

Just a short blog post today, but one that will hopefully put your mind at ease. I know that there is some worry that we may start to lose strength in certain areas that we are unable to work on. Pull-ups are one of those movements that comes to mind. 

Despite the fact that many of us don’t have a pull-up bar installed in our place of residence, we are still going to be working the muscles in charge of making pull-ups a reality. Those muscles are the biceps and lats primarily. With movements like bent over rows, bedsheet rows, table rows and barbell rows, we can continue to maintain and even BUILD UP our pull-up strength. That would be the process of Indirect Gains. This is when you don’t train a certain movement for a long time, but because of similar movements that you continue to train, the original movement still improves. Who knows! You might even come back to the gym stronger at pull-ups if we keep up this training. 

So don’t worry about losing strength in certain movements, we’ve got you taken care in that regard. We’ll make sure that the whole body is working hard, even if it is using some different movements. Just keep putting in the work, listening to your coach and sticking to the program.


Coach Caleb