It’s Our Birthday

On June 6th 2018 Caleb, Caileigh, Mark and myself officially opened our doors as CrossFit LifeTree. Our journey has been a collaborative effort where all of our strengths have been drawn upon to build what we have today. Our vision was a simple one “To be a community of individuals who desire to improve their quality of life through training hard, eating well and encouraging others to do the same.” CrossFit had helped us improve our lives and we really wanted to help others discover it’s magic.

On May 25th 2017 we started our company “Woiwod Fitness Inc” and began the search for the perfect location for our CrossFit Box. We had been running boot camp style classes out of the LifeTree Center for about 10 years but did not think it would be possible to offer CrossFit coaching in the same space. 

It seems in Victoria opening a gym is a very complicated process and getting the correct zoning approval with a facility that fits the needs of a gym is virtually impossible. After many disappointing attempts and 12 months of searching we were still homeless. 

Our Fit for It  boot camp community continued to grow as rapidly as their passion for CrossFit style training. We decided to take a risk and affiliate in the current location. We approached our amazing landlords with a request to have the space for our use during the week and devised a plan to make sharing the space possible. We reinforced the floor and upgraded the surface (in barn building fashion with many hands to help), we installed pull up bars, built boxes and bought barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells. Two years ago today we flung open the doors and welcomed everyone into CrossFit LifeTree. The existing community embraced the new brand and we grew organically by word of mouth only. Still to this day, we have not spent a dime on advertising. 

Two years later we have grown into a tight knit family who have each other’s back. Our recent 70 day shut down only seemed to pull us all closer together during quarantine. We are deeply grateful for each individual who has contributed to making us who we are as whole.  

So if you are reading this blog and are a member of CrossFit LifeTree then we want to say a big Happy Birthday to you as we would not be who we are without you!

Have an awesome day!

Coach Tracey