Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

“I should have gone a bit faster at the end of the workout”

“I should have got another round in”

“I should have held on for another rep”

These are common sentiments at the end of workouts in the gym! You’ll hear them almost daily if you listen for them. They are self-critiques of our efforts, even if those efforts were excellent!

We are our own harshest critics, and while someone else might say you did AWESOME on that workout, we will be the first to find the fault in our effort. 

Instead of focusing on what you “should” have done, focus on what you DID do, because it deserves applause! You have already beaten the odds by getting out of your house and showing up for your workout. The majority of the world doesn’t do that! So stepping foot in the gym is a feat in itself. 

Getting through the workout with its various complex movements and instructions is no small task either. That requires some critical thinking and strategizing. That’s already another thing to give yourself a pat on the back for, go ahead, you deserve it! The mental workout is a challenging bonus to the physical workout.

Next, the workout itself. It’s tough, it’s strenuous and it’s more than you could when you started. You got sweaty, your heart rate was elevated and you worked your muscles. Give yourself another pat on the back. Most people stay in their comfort zone all day, but not you. 

If day 1 you could see the current day you and what you were doing, you’d be pretty astonished of yourself. It’s worth remembering where you started and the progress you’ve made up to this point. Otherwise, if you compare yourself to yesterday, it might not seem like you’ve made any progress or had any success at all. 

So remember, it doesn’t matter how you think the workout went, you still deserve to give yourself a pat on the back for showing up and getting it done!

Coach Caleb