Find Your Accountability Partner

Let’s find you an accountability partner! If you already have one, that’s awesome! You might be getting another one if you’re lucky. 

Why are accountability partners so helpful? 

They are going through the same or similar workouts you are going through. There is shared suffering. There is a sense of commitment. The thought “If they do the workout, what’s my excuse to skip it?” is every present! It also makes the workouts more enjoyable. You can even do some workouts together at the track if you are mindful of social distancing measures.

Can’t I just do the workout on my own without having to check-in with someone else? 

Yes you can. Maybe that will work for a while. But excuses are easier to give in to when no one will know. Trust me, you will be more inclined to toughen up and get the workout done knowing you’re going to chat about the workout later on with your friend! You don’t want to let them down!

Isn’t my coach my accountability partner?

Absolutely! We are here for you too. But it’s more satisfying to curse out your coach for the tough workout to someone else rather than directly at them! Plus, perhaps you and your coach aren’t doing the exact same workouts based on what gear or level of skill you are each at. We will do our best to pair you with someone who matches you best.

How do I get an accountability partner?
Just ask! You can either ask a person you have in mind directly, or you can ask your coach to pair you up with someone who fits the position. We will do our best to find you someone who will be a great match for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know if we can help you stay accountable to your fitness!


Coach Caleb