Are you too old to start a fitness program?

It saddens me when I hear people use a number (which all age is) to stop them from trying a new sport or activity. When we look at broad, general and inclusive fitness it means that we are training to do many different things, many different ways based on our age, skill, and abilities. No matter your age you need to be able to get off the toilet (squat), move heavy objects (Deadlift), get from point A to point B (running) and to be able to get off the floor (burpee). 

At LifeTree we have members in their 70’s and their teen’s doing the same workouts. How does everyone stay safe? This is only possible through a method called scaling. The coach adjusts loads lifted, number of repetitions to be completed and time domain to be endured. All the workouts can be adjusted so that no matter what stage of life you are at you will have a safe and effective workout. 

You might have fears about starting… Will it be okay for my joints? Will I be able to keep up? Will I fit into the community? I started taking my fitness journey seriously 7 years ago and am fitter now than I was at 49. You are never too old to start taking care of your health and fitness but the longer you leave it the harder it will be when you start. In 10 years time you will be 10 years older regardless of what you do, the difference will be how you feel. 

Book a free intro with us anytime so we can hear your goals and map out a plan to help you reach them. 

All the best, 

Coach Tracey