Ability to Adapt and Overcome

The ability to adapt is one of the key mental and physical components of the CrossFit training methodology and for reaching any goals in life. 

As it pertains to CrossFit, we get used to our gym, our space, our equipment, our workouts partners, our coaches, our class structure. The ability to adapt when all of that changes is going to influence how successful you will be moving forward. Now is the opportunity for you to adapt and overcome!

Here are some ways we can adapt to at home training:

  1. Equipment (or lack of) – There are lots of household items that you can use for the movements that we do inside the gym, you just have to get creative! As you have found, your coaches are adapting your workouts to the equipment you have and they are not getting any easier!
  2. Workout partners – We all understand that one of the primary reasons you are a member at CFLT is the benefit of having others around you to motivate, inspire and be accountable to! As we saw yesterday, even the small challenge of posting after you completed your workout inspired many of you to get it done! (Thanks Victoria!) The ability to adapt and find new opportunities for motivation and accountability are important!
  3. Workout times – It may be difficult to find consistency when not attending your usual class time. Adapting your schedule and developing a new daily routine will help you stay consistent with your training! **maybe also say, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and try training at a different time! ***
  4. Motivation – Adapting what your motivation/goals are for your workouts is key. You may be used to looking at the leaderboard with the goal of beating another member’s score or even doing so side by side in class. It is tough to find that same motivation when you are working out alone. The ability to adapt and learn to make specific goals within workouts based on your abilities will be helpful in developing this internal motivation. Whether it is aiming to go unbroken, completing a certain part within a specific time frame, or having a goal for an overall time, creating goals can help you find that “push” in workouts. Your coaches can help you in creating these goals!

What have you found beneficial or in what ways have you successfully adapted to home workouts?

Keep getting after it!